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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for your services?

You do have to pay for opening incoming messages from women you have contacted; the price of a message can range between 0.5 and 20 credits, depending on the woman's popularity and English skills. Note that once you open the first paid message from a woman, the price becomes fixed for you. There are also optional paid services, such as interpreted phone calls, videochats and gift delivery orders.

How do I buy credits?

You can pay online with a credit/debit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). If you don’t have a credit card, or don’t want to use it online, there are other options available.

What does a credit cost?

This depends on the amount you buy:

100 credits or more: $1 per credit

55-99 credits: $1.09 per credit

10-54 credits: $2 per credit

What will I see on my credit card statement?

It will show as "1st International +18669746453"

When can I contact a lady directly?

We do not allow contact between members outside our website before they have officially exchanged contact information. Outside contact includes our competitor websites, social network websites, skype, etc. Outside contact violates our Terms and Conditions and may violate IMBRA law, which may in turn jeopardize a lady's chance to get a US visa in the future and men's chance to sponsor a K-1 visa. It also opens possibilities for fraud. We do not allow our ladies to contact men outside our website, nor to respond to men's attempts to circumvent our rules. If you are contacted outside our website by someone claiming to be a lady from our website - please be cautious as this could be a scam attempt. All of the above applies only before you have officially exchanged contact information. After contact exchange you are free to communicate without our involvement.

To be able to request a woman's personal information, you have to complete the following steps:
  • Complete a background check (US citizens and residents only)
  • Open at least 15 paid messages from the woman, or
  • Open at least 1 paid message from the woman and pay a non-refundable fee of 50 credits

The woman herself decides what kind of contact information, if any, to provide. Requests for contact information can be submitted by phone or email.

Do you offer any discounts?

After opening 15 paid messages from a lady, you can request to have the price of her letters lowered to 5 credits. You are also entitled to this reduction if you have requested the lady's contact information using the expedite service. In case the lady's contact information does not include an email address, the price can be further reduced to 1 credit per letter; however, translation is not provided at this price. If you want to keep using our translation services, the price will have to stay at 5 credits per letter. 

What is trust level?

The trust level is a credibility rating given to a female profile by our staff. A staff member can rate a profile on one or more of multiple scales: passport scans, live meeting, phone conversation, video, correspondence. Some are rated according to the staff member's own judgement (such as passport scans or phone calls), and others (like correspondence or meetings) according to the feedback we receive from our male members. Combined, these ratings make up the trust level. Each category carries different weight (e.g., feedback on a meeting is more important than the passport scan); the exact formula is complex and classified, so it cannot be used to artificially raise the trust level. A trust level of 100% means that we have received definitive proof that the woman behind the profile is a real person, and all her communications originate from herself. This doesn't mean, of course, that anyone with less than 100% is automatically fake or dishonest, although you should be wary of profiles with a trust level of 40% or less. Note that the absence of a trust level is not the same as a low trust level. A female profile doesn't have a trust level by default and may never get one, unless it gives us a reason to rate it.

What is friend list?

Being on someone’s friend list gives you automatic access to their private photos; other than that, there are no practical benefits. Being added as a friend is usually a sign of special favor; however, not all members attach a lot of significance to it. If you see someone on a woman’s friend list, it doesn’t even necessarily mean she writes to this person.

To add someone to your friend list, go to their profile and click “Friend Member” on the Custom Menu. If they accept, you will be added to each other’s friend lists. To view and manage your friend list, go to Communicator from the Member Menu.

Why am I asked for a password when trying to view certain pictures?

Those are private pictures. To request access to a lady’s private pictures, click the “Submit request” button that you can see when trying to access a private picture. You can see the status of your request under Member Menu -> Communicator (which is also where you need to go to grant women access to your private pictures). Alternatively, you can write to the lady and ask her to send you her private photo password.

Can I talk to a lady on the phone?

Yes, you can order an interpreted phone call, which costs 1.8 credits per minute (1 credit if you don’t require translation). The call should be booked in advance because we need time to contact the lady’s local agency, or the lady herself, and make sure she will be available at the desired time. Please note that exchanging personal contact information during such phone calls is not allowed, unless you have previously exchanged it through the site.

Can I videochat with a  lady?

Yes, you can order an interpreted videocall. You can make your request by email connect4love@gmail.com or by phone (USA toll-free: 1-866-Y-SINGLE (1-866-974-6453), UK: +44 (0) 2071935504). The price for videochatting with the lady is 2.5 credits per minute. The minimum call duration is 10 minutes, which means that the system will charge your account for the first 10 minutes automatically when you start talking to the lady. Please make sure you have enough credits on your profile account before starting the videochat. We need time to contact the lady’s local agency, or the lady herself, and make sure she will be available at the desired time therefore the videocall should be ordered in advance. Please note that exchanging personal contact information during your videocall will not be allowed.

How do I know those women aren’t scammers?

Most of the women on our website are represented by local dating agencies, where they contact our representatives in person. Besides, we watch out for suspicious activity: if a member mass mails other members, uses certain words, etc, it triggers a red flag, and we run a thorough check on the member in question. Unfortunately, due to the large number of profiles, it is impossible to filter out all scammers. Therefore we urge our members to be on their guard and notify us of anything suspicious.

Have any men actually found someone through your website?

Yes, quite a few. You can read their testimonials.

Why am I unable to send a message?

First of all, go to your Control Panel and make sure that your profile status is Active or Invisible. You cannot send messages while your profile is inactive. Furthermore, in order to protect the privacy of our members and to prevent spam, our system does not allow users to send a message to a member from whom they have 2 or more unopened messages. If you have deleted unopened messages, please contact the administrator.

Why can’t I reach you on the phone?

If you are outside the continental US, you cannot use the US toll-free numbers.  This includes our toll-free main and fax numbers.  Outside of the continental US may or may not include Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  For example some of our customers in Canada are able to call us on our toll free number, but others can't. If that's the case, please use our regular (toll) numbers or contact us via live chat free 24 hours a day.

Why haven’t I received a response to my email?

Most likely, your email provider has blocked the delivery of our email to you, because of its anti-spam policies. Sadly, many email providers, especially those like hotmail, yahoo, and AOL are blocking a lot of legitimate email messages because they suspect them to be SPAM. With today's enormous volume of SPAM on the Internet, email providers have to take steps to protect their users from huge amounts of unsolicited emails. They use automatic filters or rules by which they sort out messages into 3 categories: ones that should be delivered, ones that get deleted, and a category "in between" for those messages that end up in your "Bulk mail", "Junk mail" or similar folder. We never send unsolicited messages to anyone, yet some of our emails to our customers get blocked. If it does not help or you believe that's not the problem, contact us by phone or online chat and and we will be happy to help you. If you haven't received a response to your question via email, fist thing to do would be to check your "Bulk mail", "Junk mail" or similar folder. If it's there, please click "It's not spam" or similar button in your email program.

Why was my profile rejected?

If your profile was rejected, it must have violated some of our rules or seemed suspicious to our moderators. There are several things you can do to ensure your profile is not rejected next time:
  • Add a picture. It must be a picture of yourself, with your face clearly visible. No nudity or private contact information on photos is allowed.
  • Write a longer description. A profile with no description (or a meaningless or obscene one) will be rejected.
  • Enter your private contact information (such as email, phone number) only in the fields specifically provided for it.
  • Choose the country in which you are located at the time. If you normally live somewhere else, you can indicate that in your description.
  • Provide your phone number (this goes especially for women).

How do I bring a woman over to my country?

The following price estimates and visa kits are for the US only. The immigration laws are similar in other Western countries, so if you live outside the US, you can use this information as a guideline.

IMPORTANT: Never send money to people you haven’t met in person, and even if you have met them, exercise common sense before you trust them with significant funds. Internet scams are common these days, including various visa and ticket scenarios. A lady may claim that she can get her visa and / or plane ticket and be on her way to you if you only send her or some intermediary (like her agency, or a travel company) a certain amount (usually 2-4 thousand dollars). 99.9% of such claims are fake. If you are asked for money under any excuse, please contact us for advice before you send it.

Generally you won't be able to bring a woman here until you have met her in person. Her chances of getting a "tourist" or "guest" visa to the US are very slim. The best way to proceed is to apply for her "K" (fiancée) visa.  Note that in order to apply for this type of visa, the immigration law requires that you have met your lady in person. You have to have proof of that (pictures of the two of you together, tickets, etc). The best place to meet her in person would be her home country.

After you have met her in person, you need to file a petition with the USCIS, known as form I-129F. The petition can be filled out by yourself. You need to file the petition with the USCIS office having jurisdiction over your state. Processing times vary from state to state, but on average it takes about 6 months for the USCIS to approve it. The fee as of this writing is $455. After you get it approved, you send it to your lady and she takes it to the US Consulate in her home country and applies for the visa. Add the USCIS fee, postage, visa processing fee and you get about $650 for that step. Contrary to tourist visas to the US, which are notoriously difficult to get, "K" visas are usually granted without a problem, provided that the documents are filed properly, she does not have a police record, and neither one of you has violated any Immigration law provisions in the past (i.e. overstayed a prior "K" visa). If one of you has applied for a "K" visa in the past, it may also be a reason for a denial of the current application.

Most likely she will not have the funds needed to buy her plane ticket to the US, so you will need to pay for that. You do not have to travel to her country again to accompany her, but it would be a nice gesture if you can afford it. A one way ticket will cost around $600-$900. If you decide to accompany her, your two-way airfare could be anywhere between $1000 and $1800, depending on the season and how early in advance you buy your ticket.

Once she arrives, she can stay in the US for 90 days in the "fiancée" status. By the end of that time you either get legally married, or she has to go back to her home country. Neither you nor her are obligated to get married, but you may be financially responsible for her return ticket if things don't work out.

When you do get married, you will need to apply for a permanent resident status for her.  There is a special form for that, and an application fee. When you get to that point, you can give us a call. This is going to set you back about $1000 in fees and required medical tests, if you fill out the forms by yourself.

You should not have any problems with most of the immigration forms, but in certain matters you may require the assistance of an immigration attorney.
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